LARV Cargo VTOL/CTOL UAV. Patent No.: 8,256,704 B2, September 4, 2012

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

(Lapcad Advanced Research Vehicle)

This is a VTOL aircraft, with hover capability, range and economics challenging helicopters as well as wing-borne aircrafts. The in-line mounted twin engine concept is designed for a high Thrust-to-Weight ratio, thus if one engine loses power during hover, it results in a survivable rate of descent. During wing-borne flight, one engine can be turned off for better fuel economy, without the need for drag-inducing re-trimming. There is no need for load transfer from one engine to the other, since the twin engines are mounted in-line. By piggy-backing the nose rudder on the nose wheel steering, one or more actuators can be eliminated, resulting in weight and cost savings.

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